Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the installation work from the battery 60 A\h?

The installation’s working mode under the set maintenance modes «motor» (1) and «lamp» in 50% mode (1) is up to 5.5 hours with a fully charged battery.

What happens if the electricity suddenly turns off?

Nothing critical will happen to the installation. After installing the power supply, perform the initial start-up procedure according to the operating instructions.

What should I do if the light support is dirty?

The installation provides an ability to take off the light pillar, you need only one screwdriver, the taking off procedure takes about 30 seconds.

How much is the «Candle 3MK» installation’s weigh?

The weight of the installation itself is 9.5 kg

What is the time to go in work mode?

The time to reach the work mode from the moment of connection to the power supply is about 30 seconds (excluding the installation of anti-wind tripwires) there is no “warm-up” time because LED matrixes go into work mode instantly.

What is the time for folding the unit and putting it into transporting position?

The time of bringing the installation into transporting position is about 1 minute. There is no need to be afraid that the light source will burn through the light pillar, because there is no strong heating.

What is the noise level of the 3MK100 Candle installation?

The noise level is 45 dB (maintenance mode (1) “motor”), which is approximately comparable to a person’s quiet conversational speech, you can be directly with the working installation, and there will be no any discomfort.

Does the light causes the eye-strain?

Due to the upper position of the light source and the use of special fabric in the light support, the effect of the glow of the entire light support is created, the light is soft and does not cause the eye-strain

What happens if it rains?

The installation can work under a heavy rain, the air intake is angled, and an air purification filter is installed. The special fabric is impregnated with silicone, absolutely resists water and does not decay, rip-stop. Trouble-free operation is proved by expeditions in the most severe climatic conditions.

How to determine the battery charge level using the built-in voltmeter for the installation of «Candle 3MK100»?

The charge level is determined according to the table that is located on the unit’s housing with the set parameters "motor" (0) and "lamp" (0).

What is wind resistance?

Is it up to 20 m\s, in addition to the installation "Candle 3MK mini», its wind resistance is up to 15 m\s

How to wash the filter?

The filter is washed with water and then dried.

What are the temperature regime?

-30- + 40 C

What are the acceptable power limits for the installation?

For the installations "Candle 3MK", "Candle 3MK mini" is 200-260v AC and 10-15v DC without loss of lighting quality. For the installation "Candle 5M" is 200-260V AC without loss of lighting quality

What is the strength of the wires inside the light pillar?

The wires inside the light pillar are used in robotics and servo units with high strength to repeated bending and large temperature regimes.

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