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As part of an ongoing blog series titled, Creative Cannabis, I will be exploring the many ways cannabis has helped inspire a growing number of modern day artists, creatives, and inventors.

Amanda SugarLeaf Accessories

For our first post, I spoke with Amanda from SugarLeaf Accessories in Ontario, Canada. She is a "sativa smoking, flower and paper, kind of girl" who makes limited edition handcrafted scent-proof accessories. Amanda shared her inspiration for SugarLeaf Accessories, and answered a few of our questions about the role cannabis plays in her creative process.

What brought you into the cannabis industry?

I have two reasons, first I was tired of all my supplies being in 5 different places and not having it when I needed it. And second, as a mom of two I didn't want to open my bag and have it smelling like a stoner kid anymore. When I looked online there was NOTHING pretty and scent-proof. So I took my hobbie/need and turned it into a business.

What is it that you love the most about marijuana?

Plain and simple, it makes me patient and loving. I am able to relax and hug the crap out of my two boys. I am able to sit and create. I just feel like an overall better human being.

Do you have a muse? Aside from cannabis, what are some of your inspirations?

My inspiration is my best friend Jen. She taught me to sew and she empowers me to be creative everyday. She has always encouraged my ideas no matter what they are.

What is your creative process?

Step One, find amazing fabrics that bring me much joy. Step Two, create a custom product that brings joy to the customer. I take pride in every single bag! My products are unique, as I often only have enough fabric to make one bag. This makes the majority of my bags one of a kind.

Five years from now, where do you see yourself and your business?

This is a hard one...when I made my first bag I didn't think it would be this successful. I plan to continue to create more scent-proof accessories. I am enjoying the process of creating a beautiful quality handmade product from recycled materials.

What do you think about the future of the cannabis industry?

I am very blessed to live in Canada, where cannabis consumption for recreational purposes is now legal. I am very proud and excited to be part of this community.

ℹ For more information or to place an order, please visit @SugarLeafAccessories on Instagram.

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